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PCSCHEMATIC Cablemanager keeps track of cables and cable raceways in construction projects. The software enables all involved contractors to have an overview of their specific cabling assignments –  from the design phase to subsequent maintenance.

PCSCHEMATIC Cablemanager

Managing and Routing Cables

PCSCHEMATIC Cablemanager makes it easy for project leaders, contractors, and subcontractors to keep track cable framework elements during construction projects.

Track All Cable and Raceway Data

PCSCHEMATIC Cablemanager tracks all relevant data for cables, raceways, cable glands, and transits for construction projects. It makes it easy to track where the cables have been pulled.

For any cable you can, at any time, see its cable dimensions, where the cable starts and terminates, which raceways the cable runs through, which transits the cable has been pulled through, and any other relevant information about the cable.

Cable Routing Suggestions – During Project Design and Maintenance

When the raceways have been defined at the project stage, the software suggests how to route the cables, and makes it easy to decide how to dimension the raceways.

The software keeps track of all raceways, and automatically issues a warning when the capacity of a raceway could become overloaded when new cables were routed through it. Participating subcontractors can also see their specific part of the project at any time. They can limit the view only what is needed to perform their assigned tasks so they can easily keep track of the cables.

When performing maintenance tasks, the software specifies routing options for new cables so existing raceways are not overloaded. It also calculates cable lengths automatically.


“when we had to choose a system for our documentation and management of cables at our factories, it was easy to choose Cablemanager. The system used a terminology that we knew, and the opportunity to ensure continuous development and adaptation of the system was present, just as there is a fantastic support around the product ”.

Diana Ølsgaard, FLSmidth

Cable Status Provides Better Communication Between Contractors

To simplify communication between contractors, cables are assigned a status – such as created, routed, pulled, terminated, or approved. This makes it quick and easy for project engineers, cable pulling teams, and electricians to determine the implementation status of specific cables.

Track Correction Factor

PCSCHEMATIC Cablemanager also provides an overview of the number of parallel cables in all raceways, so that you easily track the correction factor for cables.

For each cable, you can view how many other cables run in parallel with it and the specific raceways the cables run through. You can then type in the correction factor for individual cables, and let the program maintain the overview for you.

This also makes it much easier to follow the present legislation.

Expertise from Norwegian Production Plants

PCSCHEMATIC Cablemanager is developed and maintained by the PCSCHEMATIC software development team, who leveraged their 12 years of software development experience for Statoils Oil and Gas Production.

New in Cablemanager 3.0

PCSCHEMATIC added many improvements to the software including performance and usability enhancements. Among the improvements you’ll find:

  • 3D export to DXF
  • An improved user interface with many shortcuts and explanatory texts
  • Improved options for import of data
  • Options for routing in one layer only as well as options for specifying the spacing between cables
  • When routing: Check for that the range of conductor sizes in cable groups spans no more than three adjacent standard sizes
  • Option for more precise voltage drop calculations

Maintenance Agreement

Cablemanager – Always Updated

PCSCHEMATIC offers a Maintenance Agreement that includes software upgrades. In addition you also get access to our unique personal support.

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