Constant Grip Force (CGF) Chuck

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CGF Constant Grip Force Chuck

Our CGF (Constant Grip Force) chuck was developed to offer better grip force at speed, so you don’t have to grip the part as hard at zero RPM.  See the video below that shows the grip force at speed.  This will reduce part deformation on delicate, hard to hold parts.  There are currently over 30 of these chucks helping a large aerospace company hold compressor blades for jet engines.  The chuck is available in various sizes and jaw configurations.  If you struggle with part deformation, contact us to discuss your application.

Grip Force Loss vs RPM CGF Constant Grip Force Chuck

CGF Chuck Dynamic Grip Force Test

CGF Chuck Repeatability Test

The CGF chuck offers near perfect repeatability as can be seen in this short video.  Repeatability is better than 0.005mm and TIR is better than 0.005mm. This allows the chuck to be used in OP10 and OP20 applications.  The chucks we have in the field have proven this to us, so let us prove it to you.