Electrical Control Panels

Wired to Succeed

Process Industry Solutions


Does your company add the process equipment or instrumentation you sell as a turn-key, skid-mounted package? Kenyeri Engineering & Manufacturing can design and build the electrical control panel required to operate the system.

We can also design and build the smaller panels required to operate the individual pumps, valves or transmitters you sell for proper operation in the field at your customer site.

We use quality components at competitive pricing and build direct to the customer or as part of the larger quoted package to your customer.

Machine Tool Industry Solutions

Custom M-Code Solutions


KE&M can provide a sub-panel that interfaces with your existing M-Codes to turn on custom tooling solutions (work supports, secondary clamps, damping systems, etc). To expand past the limits of M-codes, KE&M can provide an additional PLC programmed to control an external system that is activated by the M-code.

Custom M-Code solutions – Your CNC machine may have yet-unused features you seek to activate and expand your product offerings. KE&M writes the G-Code that incorporates your M-Code, giving value to your sub-panel to complete the desired new operation. Turn on work supports (hydraulic component that helps support the part against cutting loads). Activate a feature your machine already has, or program in a new feature.