Electrical CAD Software from a User Perspective

Advanced Electrical CAD Software

PCSCHEMATIC Automation is an advanced electrical CAD software that sets you free to focus on your professional challenges, while the software handles the practical details.

Automation has an intuitive workflow, which allows you to get started right away – well supported by the free tutorials on the PCSCHEMATIC YouTube channel.

The software handles reference designations intelligently according to IEC/ISO 81346, and includes symbols for automation, PLCs, topology / bus connections, single line diagrams, pneumatics/hydraulics, house installation and more.

User Perspective

The electrical CAD software, PCSCHEMATIC Automation, gives you the peace of mind and overall view you need each day. Focus on the electrical design, and let the CAD software handle the practical details.

You have pretty much completed everything, even before you begin. In the Automation CAD software, you merely have to drag partial diagrams and modules into your project. And then the documentation is ready. With electrical circuit diagrams, PLC diagrams and filled-in lists of every kind. But you can also draw the electrical diagrams yourself, if you wish to.


PC | Automation v22 released!

The international version 22 of the electrical CAD software PCSCHEMATIC Automation is now officially released. You don’t need to purchase the expensive variants of the software to get all the functionality you need.

Our free electrical CAD software PCSCHEMATIC Automation 40 contains the same functions as the sales version of PCSCHEMATIC Automation.


Technical Support


Companies often choose PCSCHEMATIC as their CAD solution due to our competent and effective technical support. We are ready to help you whenever necessary. Technical support is included for the first 3 months after purchasing your software.

Free Educational Versions


Teachers and students at universities worldwide can get a special version of PCSCHEMATIC Automation, which can be used for educational assignments. The educational systems are free of charge.

Free Webinars


All webinars are live, and attendees are able to ask questions at the end of each webinar. When a webinar is completed, all attendees get a link to the recorded version of the webinar. The duration of each webinar is approximately one hour.

Show Your Professional Competencies

The Automation CAD software has been created so that you can focus on the electrical design and allow the software to sort out all the practical details.

You can begin quickly, strongly supported by all of the tailormade functions for automation, installation, hydraulics and pneumatics. This makes it easier for you to show off your professional competencies.

Obtain an Overall View

More importantly – for yourself, your colleagues, and your possible superiors – is that the electrical CAD allows you always to see the big picture:

  • The entire electrical documentation is collected in one single document.
  • Tables of contents – at all levels – are automatically updated.
  • You always have a general view of all parts of every single component.

All types of lists are filled in automatically with product data, and graphic plans are generated automatically.

Become Quicker and More Efficient

With Automation, you achieve an efficiency which commands respect, as you need only do things once:

  • Once you have drawn a partial electrical circuit, you can drag it into each subsequent project.
  • Once you have set up partial or whole electrical projects, they can likewise be dragged in.
  • You can establish entire projects by merely dragging in partial drawings, etc.

This intelligent recycling makes you more efficient. At the same time, the electrical CAD allows you to create a uniform documentation that follows your company’s – or your customer’s – guidelines.

Maintain the Leading Edge of Development

The PCSCHEMATIC electrical CAD software is updated every year, so that you can work even more competently and comply with the latest standards.

With a maintenance agreement, you secure the latest versions and access to PCSCHEMATIC’s unique support.

This gives you a professional sparring partner who keeps you on the cutting edge of development, regardless of whether you choose to draw the electrical diagrams yourself, or choose to have the entire electrical CAD documentation generated automatically.